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Development Strategy Implementation


ESAAMLG Council of Ministers adopts the Development Strategy Implementation assessment report for the Kingdom of Lesotho

The ESAAMLG Council of Ministers Approved and adopted the Development Strategy Implementation (DSI) Assessment Report for the Kingdom of Lesotho in August 2007.  The DSI Assessment was conducted by the ESAAMLG.  Before its approval by the Council of Ministers, the DSI Assessment Report was Considered and Adopted by the ESAAMLG Task Force of Senior Officials in March 2007.

The DSI Assessment is an initiative of the ESAAMLG to assist Member Countries in Developing Their AML/CFT Capacity And To Implement Effective AML/CFT Strategies That Meet The Standards Of The FATF Recommendations.  The Assessment Uses The Core Elements Of The FATF 40 Recommendations And 9 Special Recommendations To Assess And Identify The Basic Requirements Of An AML/CFT System.

This Developmental Approach To The Implementation Of The FATF Recommendations Recognises That Most ESAAMLG Member Countries Are Beginning To Implement The Recommendations From A Very Low Base With Limited Capacity.  The Lesotho DSI Assessment Report Is The First To Be Completed, Discussed And Adopted By ESAAMLG.  It Has Assessed The Existing AML/CFT System In Lesotho And Planned Actions To Develop And Improve The System.  It Further Makes Recommendations On How Lesotho Can Quickly Implement Core AML/CFT Standards First And Build On A Solid Foundation Appropriate To Its Needs.

It Is Expected That The Adoption And Publication Of This Report Would Enable Technical Assistance Providers To Assist Lesotho In These Efforts.  It Is Therefore Hoped That The Publication Of The Report Would Lead To A Comprehensive Technical Assistance Programme That Would Enable Lesotho To Rapidly Develop Its AML/CFT System.  A Full Evaluation Of Lesotho’s AML/CFT System Will Be Conducted By ESAAMLG By 2010.

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 Posted:  09, Jan 17