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To consolidate and sustain the combined efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region through effective implementation of AML/CFT international standards in all ESAAMLG member countries


A strong and dynamic FATF Style Regional Body committed to prevent and combat money laundering and terrorist financing in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Sustaining effective Post Evaluation Implementation of AML/CFT measures in member countries under the first round of assessments.
  2. Sustaining the second round of assessments and monitoring of ESAAMLG members’ technical compliance with the FATF Recommendations and the Effectiveness of their AML/CFT systems.
  3. Increase and sustain the knowledge of money laundering and terrorist financing trends and techniques in the region in order to effectively contribute to regional and international AML/CFT policy formulation.
  4. Expansion of ESAAMLG membership and increase the visibility of ESAAMLG in the Region.
  5. Strengthening and enhancing regional and international cooperation among member countries.
  6. Enhancing ESAAMLG’s cooperation and participation in AML/CFT regional and international initiatives.
  7. Prioritizing and consolidating regional AML/CFT capacity building, particularly for assessing ML/TF risks and adopting risk based approach to implementation of AML/CFT Standards.
  8. Promoting the Implementation of risk-based AML/CFT measures which support implementation of financial inclusion initiatives.
  9. Consolidating the sustainability and efficiency of ESAAMLG and its Secretariat through implementing the recommendations of the Efficiency Scrutiny Working Group approved by the Council in August 2015.